April 2018
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Traditional songs and dances

Presenting traditional songs and dances -small projects.



The main characteristic of this dance and its music is the acceleration in the rhythm. The name Syrtaki comes from the word syrtos, a common name for a group of traditional Greek dances in which dancers "drag" their legs as opposed to jolly dances.Today, Syrtaki is one of the most famous dances in Greece and in Greek taverns all over the world. On Aug. 31, 2012, the Guinness World Record for Syrtaki broke from 5,614 people who danced for five minutes by the sea, on the beach of the city of Volos in Greece under the light of the second full moon of the month, on August 31st. Then 5,614 people aged 14 to 89 danced with Zorba's music by Mikis Theodorakis.


It is a Greek traditional dance that belongs to the Syrtos dance genre. Its basic form has twelve steps, of which the first seven are forwards and the other five are in place.Popular dance with ancient Greek roots. His creator is unknown. Its name comes from the Peloponnese, where it was created. But many are the theories about its ancient origins. This is shown by depictions in vases, as well as by frescoes showing some characteristic of the steps or figures. The fact that the dancers keep each other's wrists helps us to conclude that Kalamatian has some connection with one of the dances of our ancient ancestors. His pleasant pace and his simple steps have established him as the most popular Greek dance and is danced throughout Greece by men and women.